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We are writing on the internet since last 3 years. Last year in 2016 we reached to over 3 million page hits and millions of readers which are still counting. WoodCutters is started with a dream to provide best reviews and summaries to our readers(without spoiling the secrets...lol) so that they can find out the insight of the book he or she wants to read.

If you are an author/blogger planning to reach more audiences and a good recommendation channel for your new book, this can be the perfect place. We can review or summarise your book at a very nominal cost (even for free), make your websites at a very cheap price and will do more exciting jobs for you.


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Our Services

Free or cheapest for you

Summaries and Reviews

We are writing summaries, reviews and articles since last 2 years. We can review and summarize your new book so that readers will know your book before they actually buy it.

Webpage Building

Since last 3 years we are actively involved with websites and applications. We can create websites and landing pages for your newly published book so that your readers will get surprized.

Guest Posting

Surprisingly, we can write articles and reviews based on your books and other products on other websites so that you can enlarge your audiences at a very nominal cost.

Your Benefits

Thousand people will see you

We get nearly 300k page hits every day. Many other will come from social media and search engines to know more about your book and you if we will write about your book

Free and strong backlinks for your portfolio

Backlinks are important to perform good on the internet. Google decides what to show based on these. You will get strong backlinks and listing from this website which will improve your presence.

Support to promote your book

Our marketing skills will help you to reach more people over the internet. We will help you to promote your products on the internet forums, social media and on other blogs.

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We love to be busy improving ourselves. Reach us immediately so that we can arrange the best time to work for you. Contact us and we will contact you back.soon.