5 Important Things to Do to Enjoy Life

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I have to earn a lot of money. I want to fulfill my dreams. But I am not happy with what I am doing. It’s good but still, I am not satisfied!

Sounds similar?

95% of the people feel they are not satisfied. they are unhappy or they are not enjoying their lives!

Imagine! the nearly whole world somehow feels unhappier.

But anyway, if you are ready to celebrate this life again, and you are ready to embrace your future. Bring these 5 pieces of advice with you. It will really help.

Enjoyment of life, as the great people say, lies inside us. This world, we are seeing around us. It’s made by the people. We can change it.


I am not talking about those online lectures on “How to live happily” and “How to stop worrying and start living”. I have heard them and I admire them. But the secret is something else.

Let’s start one by one!

Shell I?

Start Celebrations, Stop Entertainments

What is the difference? When you are watching a football match, you are entertaining yourself. But when you are playing it, you are celebrating it!

Have you seen people dancing on the road? In the rain! Next time observe those faces standing beside, those who are watching them.  Imagine! Most of them also want to dance in the rain along. They want to celebrate too. But they will not. They are happy with the entertainments in their lives.

Let’s change!

Let’s start celebrating moments and stop entertainments.

If you Want to know the Truth… You will Need to Stop Holding Opinions

It sounds like a wordporn. But it’s solution to one of those things which make us sad and unhappy. It’s a zen saying by the way. Your opinions mold your subconscious mind in many manners. And in every way, this makes us sad.

If you are making good opinions, your mind will never be able to see something against it. Your mind may start hating, doubting and ignoring them for any single act against this opinion.

And if the opinion is bad. It will always be hard to believe that the person is really good. Even, if your first opinion was mere a fallacy.

So, don’t make opinions. Not about the situations, not about the people and not about anything you hear. It will always keep your mind open and relaxed.

Learn to Live Alone

I have seen people running alone. Rushing to find a company. They are afraid to live alone. People are compromising with their lives because they don’t want to die alone! And it pulls their secret sauce of happiness away from them.

You don’t find someone holding you in his arms every day. You don’t meet people every day who are ready to give you the company. Learn! Learn to live alone.

It sounds easy, but it’s not!

However, the best part is. You learn this thing as you start living alone. Start spending some time with yourself. Away from your expectations, friends, family and work. Alone! Practice it. It will give you the strength. It will generate enough love inside you for the people who are truly important in your life.

Try it!

Stop Being Dishonest with Yourself

Have you ever lied to you?


Let’s find out. Imagine the last time you wanted to leave your job but you didn’t because you were afraid. Recall that last time you didn’t want to drink beer but you convinced yourself and drank. Every time, when we lie to ourselves. Every time, when we stop being honest with ourselves the part of our happiness goes away.

Maybe, the situations above are not familiar to you. But you may recall the day if there is any when you were hiding things from people you love or you were trying to convince yourself about your wrong decisions.

We all had learned this thing in our childhood.

Honesty is the best policy

Stop Living without Dreams

We can live without dreams, most of them do it. They wake up without dreams, go to works, come back, sit, eat, and sleep. These all activities they do without any hope. Without any visions. The destination they had made a few years ago, like being an engineer, having a good spouse and having a big car. They have already reached to it. They don’t have more to achieve! They are now bored with their lives.

We think life is fine as this. But it’s not. Start dreaming. Nurture your ideas. What is wrong in it. Start reading new books, start traveling whenever you have time. Start dreaming. Spending time to achieve further.

Here are the 4 goals you should make for your own.

  • Reading Goals
  • Financial Goals
  • Fitness Goals
  • Intellectual Goals
  • Relationship Goals

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What is your Secret?

These were the things I found interesting in this journey of being better than yesterday.

What do you think?

What is your secret of being happy? I will love to read your comments below.

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