Benefits of Keeping a Dream Journal

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Hey, woodcutters!

It’s my second post on the dreams and their journaling. I will today be discussing the beautiful adventures and benefits of keeping a dream journal along with some of the historical examples from the past which later became the greatest inventions.


I guess you have already visited my last post on best dream diaries, where I have discussed the dream journal introduction, some great ways to start your own dream journal and the benefits of keeping one in short.

It will be a real fun, adventure and of a great use to discuss the benefits of dream diaries in detail.

Shell I start?

Why Should I keep a Dream Journal

You will be happy (or even shocked) to know that it’s not new to keep a dream journal. In fact, people from so many ancient civilizations have found to study dreams and their interpretation.

It’s your own adventurous journey. You will find demons, God, death, life, happiness, pain, pleasure, love and so much more. It’s all up to you and your own wonderland.

The author of the book “Power of Your Subconscious mind” Dr. Joseph Murphy says that “The real potential of you is locked inside your subconscious brain, it’s a treasure house!

Your dream diary will help you to find the secret signals of your unconscious brain as the study says, 70% of the dreams you see have some meanings.

For example, the death is a symbol of transformation. There is something great which is going to happen or happening in your life if you are seeing you dying in your dream (however, you will never die in the dream, hahaha?)

Have a look into some more benefits of keeping a dream journal.

Unlock Yourself with your Dream Diary

  • Unlock your Creativity by journaling your dreams: As I have said in my another post, the dreams of the people have transformed into the great songs, best-selling novels, and world-changing ideas. Find something creative out of your dreams.
  • Medical benefits of journaling: There are medical benefits of having a dream journal on the regular basis. Yes! science says it will help you emotionally and mentally to write dream journals.
  • Connect the life dots with dream journal: Maybe the pattern will be clear some years later. You will find something adventurous to tell the world after some time. Start your journal and find how they are connected with your life. It will be fun.
  • Understand yourself with your dream diary: There is a saying in Veda

“The World Gives you the Questions, the Answer Lies Within”

Find your answers within by interpreting your dreams.

Need some more inspiration to start writing your dream journal?

Inspiration to Keep a Dream Journal

  • Niels Bohr is known as the father of quantum mechanics. He often spoke of how his revolutionary invention of the atom was just a consequence of his dream.
  • The song yesterday from Paul McCartney was composed in his dream which later became the greatest melody of the 60s. Initially, he was worrying that he is writing someone else’s creation.
  • Einstein’s dream which is actually a best selling book by Alan Lightman is the whole collection of dreams Einstein saw in his life. The book has been translated into 30 languages and has inspired dancers, musicians, poets and scientists to explore their imagination.

Here is the book if you are interested to read on Amazon.

Epilog (Dream Journals and Their Benefits)

Dreams are not just dreams. Not just an another fantasy of your mind. They are powerful imaginations, miraculous and mysterious adventures.

I believe that the discussion has helped you to find some of the great benefits of keeping your dream diary always updated.

Start your dream journal, keep it wherever you go and explore yourself inside your dreams. It’s a fun job and a joyful journey. Remember, there are dreams which you will never want to see again but it’s fine.

No one wants to see something bad things like the death of our beloved ones or anything else, but we all have those dreams. It’s fine if you see them too. Note them. Don’t be afraid.

I suggest you to reading this amazing book “The Power of Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Murphy if you are seeking for self-improvement by keeping a dream journal. A great book which has ever written to help you understand what your subconscious mind can do and what you can achieve by understanding its powers.


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