Best Pen for Exams – Detailed Discussion

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Searching for the best pen for exams?

“The pen is mightier than the sword

As a student, we realize the importance of our pens in our exam days more than we have ever had!

Exam time is so crucial that we can not take the risk to choose even a wrong pen for writing. For this reason, here I am giving the list of the best pen for exams.

Doesn’t matter the exam is your board exams, Competitions like UPSC and SSC or some other entrance exams for IIT or NEET we always seek for a perfect companion. However, most of us will ignore it, this is also crucial.

Feel free to add more in review section below with your own ratings and I will try to add them to this list as well.

What is a good pen for writing? 

  • Cheap in price
  • Easily available
  • Long lasting
  • Suits my hand to give beautiful (or at least descent) handwriting

The Art of Choosing the Best Pen for Exams

This article on wiki how may help you to get some more guidelines in choosing good pens for your exams.

Paper sheets vary from papers to papers and different pens behave differently on various papers. Also, your fingers will tell you what pen you should grab to make your writing beautiful.

best Pen for Writing


Just like a magic wand selects his owner the best pen selects you. (If you have ever seen Harry Potter)




It’s not easy to understand what pen will be good for your exams let’s see how most of us consider pens for their exams and preparation.

  • Right or Left:

It doesn’t matter at all. Don’t bother about it. I am a left handed person and never found any difficulty in writing from any pen.

  • Small or Long:

If your fingers are long, the pens with smaller length will be tougher to grab. But people often overcome this trouble. Consider it if you haven’t thought about it yet.

  • Paper Sheets:

What kind of papers is going to be used in your exam?

This is not an issue with the ball pens but take a look if you are using gel pens.

  • Nib Size

Consider this,

best pens for exam nibs

The best-suited pen for your exam will be around 1mm. I suggest using pens have nib size of around –.7mm to 1.1mm.

Which Color Pen for Which Exam

Here is a common doubt among students that what color pen should they use in the exam. Here is the answer for all of them.

  1. Competitions like UPSC have provided clear instructions to use black ball point pens in the exam.
  2. Board Exams are not much strict for the use of the pen. But it is always suggested to use black ball gel pens for headings and ball point for the answer. You can optionally use black ball pen for headings as well.

Best Pen for Exams for Sweaty hands

The only suggestion for your hands: Use pens and pencils with a hard grip. Also, you can consider buying pens with little holes in the grip.

This under 10Rs pen is the excellent tool for the students who are not interested in buying a luxury pen for their exams. I personally use it for my exams.
best writing pen

Why Should You Care About Choosing a Right Pen

  • Writing is an emotional action, when you write something, it is easier to remember and recall.
  • It is an exercise. It helps you to keep your muscles active.
  • The folks who love to write are more creative.
  • Writing from a good pen is an inspirational feeling. It builds your confidence as well.

Best pen for writing exams


Gel Pens for Exams – Are they Really Good?

Do you use gel pens for exams?

Gel pens are good. but…

let’s face it. I love to use them in writing my personal diaries but unfortunately, they don’t work well in the exam.

You should consider these points first!

  • Ball pens are faster to write which is important in exam time.
  • Ball pens are cheaper as compare to gel or fountain pens.
  • Good Ball pens don’t spread ink in your paper most of the time.
  • Ball pens are maintenance free and more reliable as compare to gel pens.

List of Best Pens for Exam for Students

One of the personal favorites of mine Uniball eye roller ball pen will not disappoint you in your exams as well as in your preparation. You can use this pen for your daily writing as well.

Some of the advantages of this pen

  1. Superior Resistance
  2. Never Fades, Vivid long staying Colours
  3. Low Viscosity
  4. Less Smudging & Smooth intense flow.

One of the most popular pen among engineering students. The cello pinpoint gives a very good handwriting and clean experience onto your papers.

  1. Solid Plastic Transparent with Matching Ink Colour Casing
  2. Grip: Elastic Grip for pressure free writing

Flair writo-meter pen is my personal favorite for board exams and preparation time. The best thing about this pen is its durability.

Also, the shade of blue color this pen leaves is really cool. For the preparation of the exams like UPSC, JEE, and NEET, this pen may be the right fit.

Having a great history of successful years. I am adding this pen on the 4th number due of many recommendations.

Unfortunately, this pen sometimes stops writing and starts blurring your words. You can give it a try because it works very well for some people and they don’t choose another one after it. (I don’t know why)

For a skip-free writing experience, this pen will be the best-suited one. Give it a try if you are searching for a new alternative for your last pen. You can refill the cartridge or change the old one if it once finished which is easily available on various online stores.

You can refill the cartridge or change the old one if it once finished which is easily available on various online stores.


People generally ignore this fact. But we all have to select our pen carefully while we are preparing for our exams since your pen may become a reason to meet the hazard in your exams.

Selecting different pens every day will somehow affect your performance in your exams so choose a good pen from above list.

This was our list of the best pen for exams so far. This post focuses writing for Indian students but if you are reading from some another country please write below.

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