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Coding classes for Kids are becoming important nowadays. Look around you and you will find a million words written by someone to get that thing working. This phone you are holding in your hands may contain more than 10 million lines of code to create all those apps running inside it. This internet you are using is nothing but the magic of programming.

Here we are discussing the 5 best sources and coding academies for kids to learn programming. Some of them are absolutely free and some charge a bit of money.

In every way, the next few lines will not disappoint you if you are searching for the online programming classes for kids and want your child to learn code.

Online Coding Classes for Kids

  • Udemy Online Courses

In the last few years, Udemy has emerged as a valuable resource to learn so many of useful skills. They have some excellent coding resources for kids as well. Some of them are free as well but they are just introductory and will not be sufficient. Have a look at some of the courses on their website.

Udemy Coding Course for kids

I can never forget to mention this excellent class for everyone who is interested in learning online. Khan Academy is also running some online coding classes for kids you can take look at. And the best part, their courses are available for free to everyone, and as they say forever. And they beat every other website for their stunning quality.

Not a just another coding platform. is a non-profit foundation supported by the companies like Google, Infosys, Facebook, and Microsoft. While in their working they are focusing on educating minorities and female students mainly.

Their special learning program Hour of Code has been accessed more than 39 million times. This can be good for kids as well.

Another platform contains various free resources to start in programming for kids. The domains they have included for kids are Code, Game Development, and Design. However, the resources are limited here when you compare them with the parallel sites.

Whether you are a teenager bunny or an adult tortoise. This is a place to start from. Sorry for the metaphors. Please don’t take them personally. CodeAcademy is a home of thousands of ways to learn so many programming languages and development tools. The only thing I didn’t like about them is that they will leave you in the middle of the ocean. They will not lead you to become an advanced programmer.

But it’s a good place for the beginners and kids. The classes are fully interactive, easily understandable and great to follow.

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Final Words

This was our list of coding classes for Children so far. I think the coding for children is important if not essential. Your kid can be the next Zuckerberg or Bill Gates if he starts loving coding. Let her (him) help to find what he is really passionate about. There are some other web sites we wanted to mention but we selected only the best.

Some other websites for getting coding classes for kids

  • Scratch from MIT
  • Tynker
  • CodebyKids
  • Edx

If you know about any other website please mention in the comment section below and we will try to add that to the list as well.

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