How to Start Your Dream Journal and Why

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Notebook of your dreams – Dream Journal!

There are dreams which have changed history. There are dreams which later transformed into the best-selling books, songs, and amazing businesses.

Dreaming is not something new and so the people, who are trying to understand the meanings of these dreams.

Dream Journals or Dream Diaries are one the best ways to keep your dreams remind and organized. Writing and collecting your dreams in journals may help you to understand your brain and even more, to take future decisions as well.

The idea of dream journal was first introduced by a British psychologist Ann Faraday who did her research on dream science. Her books show us that she came in touch with Yoga, Meditation, and Zen-activities while in her research as well.

Today and maybe in the following some posts, I will be discussing the dreams, dream diaries, dream journals, their benefits, examples and about some of the best dream diaries you will find online or offline.

What is A Dream Diary (Dream Journal)

A diary where you can keep your dreams in the written, spoken or in recorded format, is known as the dream diary. It’s not limited to the notebooks and web-journals anymore. You can record your dreams in mobile apps and desktop apps as well. Doesn’t matter how memorable the dreams they seem in the beginning, after the moments you will always forget them later on.

Dream diaries can help you to store all of your dream experiences, lucid dreams and even waking dreams as well.

Where there are so many dream diary apps and tools are available where you can keep your experiences digitally the researchers always suggest you to keep a notebook to write your diaries. Why?

When you type something there are nearly 500 neuron signals are sent to the brain which is nearly 1/20th part of the writing activity where there are nearly 10000 signals are sent to the brain.

Benefits of Dream Journal in Everyday Life

Buddha said around 2500 years ago “You are the result of your thoughts“. The journey of understanding our thoughts, goals, and mission may begin with understand our dreams.

You may not like every dream you are writing right now. Some dreams are scary, some are awful. But writing your nightmares may also give you new and significant insights in the later stage of life.

Here are some major benefits of keeping your dream journals.

  • It will help you to understand yourself more.
  • It will increase your creativity: You might have heard the song Yesterday which is claimed as a dream of Paul McCartney of The Beatles.
  • Your past statistics of dreams may help you to understand a pattern of a phenomenon. Since the ancient times (from the 12000 years) in Hinduism, people are interpreting dreams to get the premonitions and visions of the future.
  • The study shows us that the journaling your dreams helps to improve your emotional and mental health in many aspects.

Dream Diary Examples

As I previously said, you can write, record or draw your dreams in many ways. Most of the time people like to record their dream experiences in three ways.

  1. Writing them in the notebook
  2. Recording them immediately after waking up by any recorder device or from your mobile
  3. Drawing the pictures in a blank sheet.

I think the best way is to use a pen and paper to draw the character or to narrate your experience like a story. It’s a great way to remember and organize your dreams so that whenever you will see those pictures again you will easily be able to recall and relate things.

Best Dream Diaries to Buy

People use small diaries, with blank papers to write their dreams but I found these best dream journal notebooks which are primarily made to portrait your dreams.

These all so lovely that I felt compelled to include these on my list.

dream journal to buy

More than just a journal you will find enough space to write so many things on each page of this diary.

Enough space to write dreams, for visual notes and to organize the interpretation into various forms.

Have a look.

Other than this, I liked these two more dream journals as well. People have given great reviews on amazon about them. You can take a look as well.

knock knock dream diary

Final Words on Dream Journals and Dream Interpretations

You can save tons of money by making a regular dream journal and understanding yourself. This habit can help you to recover from your problems or it can enhance your creativity. Maybe the next Harry Potter or the song yesterday will be written by you.

Don’t feel bad while writing about your bad dreams. It’s fine! We all have some. If your dreams are repeating, again and again, they must have some meanings. Maybe after 1 or two years, you will be able to correlate things with your dream. It can be anything.

Explore and find out yourself!


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